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Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship in South Africa!

We have discovered that the South African business sector has a substantial gap. All clients who have reached out to My SME has one thing in common: they have either lost their desire to carry out their business ambitions or they lack the required tools to run their businesses effectively.

My SME has a goal of targeting that gap by providing South Africans with all the services that any small business would need to succeed by Activating Dreams in Business Owners and helping them to create a Platform to Grow their Business successfully!

Did you know? 

80% of the success of your Business comes from the ability to generate leads. If you can’t generate a lead, your Business will not succeed and that is one of the major issues most of our clients are struggling with at the moment.

If you are among the 80%, we are here to help!

You can count on us to provide small businesses with all the tools needed to succeed, including help you to convert leads.

My SME’s platform consists of the following Pillars and our Business coaches can assist you to identify the following 5 aspects of your Business:

1. Analyse your Business Idea.

As part of our evaluation process, we will help you determine what your value proposition is in the market you are targeting while identifying whether you are selling a necessity or a luxury. Our goal is to determine that by conducting thorough market research in order to understand what is happening in your industry and market, as well as identifying your competitors. You will know that your business idea is worth investing in once you have identified a real market need for what you have to offer.

2. Business Strategy

In order for your idea to be viable, you need a business strategy. There are 3 important things to keep in mind when setting up a Business Strategy:

  • What is my value proposition? (Why will somebody buy this?)
  • What’s my unique selling proposition? (What makes me different?)
  • What’s my competitive advantage? (What makes me different from my competitors?)

Once we have identified your business strategy, we can then assist you in presenting your Company with an effective Branding Strategy!

3. Branding

Your branding mainly consists of a Logo, a Name and a Tagline – if your name or tagline does not tell people what your Business offers within the first 5 seconds, it’s not a good brand. Once we identify a proper branding strategy, we will assist you to develop and design a website while also setting up an online presence. This step will help you effectively generate leads for your business!

4. Sales & Marketing Strategy

Marketing and sales refer to providing excellent products and services at an affordable price, clearly communicating them and delivering them effectively. The better your product or service offering, the easier it will be to market and sell it, since you believe in the value you provide.

5. Products & Services Systems

We will help you find a way to create and duplicate the same product or service and deliver it with excellence every time!

My SME has become a one-stop shop for all business needs. We can assist you with Business Coaching, setting up a Business Plan, Branding services, Website development and designing and Monthly Marketing services to Build an effective online presence for your Business – Check out our website for more information: