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Small Business Coach Services

Small Business Coach is and IMCSA Accredited Business Coaching Institute (Institute’s Accreditation Number: 073PIMC). We’ve been Coaching Small to Medium Business owners on starting, growing, and establishing their Businesses since 2018.

Small Business Coach® focuses on practical Business Coaching. Through our Business Coaching you will be guided and assisted with a clear vision, a viable business model and systemised management structures to manage your Small to Medium Business with order and control.

My SME™ Is A Trusted Business Advisor

Small Business
Coach® Services

IMCSA Accredited Business Coaches (073PIMC) to Coach you on launching or growing your Business from good to great.

Entry Level Business Coaching

Our Entry Level Business Coaching course is an IMCSA Accredited Business Coaching course. The Entry Level Business Coaching are for aspiring Entrepreneurs who needs Business Coaching to Start a Business.

Advanced Business Coaching

Our Advanced Business Coaching Course is an IMCSA Accredited Business Coaching course. The Advanced Business Coaching are for existing Small to Medium Business Owners who need Business Coaching to Grow their Business from Good to Great.

Strategic Marketing Coaching

The Strategic Marketing Coaching is for Small to Medium Business owners looking to generate leads, bring feet to their shop or get their product to market. The Marketing Coaching consists of a Marketing Strategy, a Sales Cycle, a Brand & Website Strategy and the correct Marketing & Advertising channels.

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See how we assisted Donette Werkman

Donette Werkman came to us when she had already been running her own Architecture Practice ‘Werkman Minnaar’ for 20 years.

She had spotted a gap in the architecture market of Pretoria and wanted assistance to start a brand targeting this opportunity. We assisted her with the following:

(1) The right Industry and Market Research.
(2) A Business Strategy and Vision.
(3) Building a Viable Business Model.
(4) Creating a Brand and Website for Lead Optimisation through Google AdWords.
(5) Systemised Management Structures.

My SME™ Is A Trusted Business Advisor